The Benefits of Goats

Did you know that goats were among the first farm animals to be domesticated? Research shows that goats have been linked to humans for at least 10,000 years. Due to their list of benefits, they have always been considered very useful animals. Goats are more commonly known for being farm animals, producing milk to create a variety of products and their fur used in textiles.

Goats produce milk that is highly nutritious and contains essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, and vitamin A while also preferred by those who are lactose intolerant. Drinking goat milk can also improve skin conditions such as eczema, bloating, digestive discomfort, and more. Research also shows it has plenty of calcium and naturally lower in cholesterol. The milk can also be converted into other food products such as cheese. While it is a major help benefit, goat milk can be implemented in other products such as skincare.

Goat milk also contains a variety of vitamins, as well as healthy acids and fats. Those ingredients have proven to soothe and soften skin. Lactic acid provides exfoliators that give your skin a natural glow while being a great option for those with sensitive skin. Goat milk also possesses a lower amount of sugars and is close to the pH level of our skin. This can also be utilized in the production of candles, highlighting natural ingredients more and more consumers look for.

The fur from goats also provides textiles such as wool for the production of warmer clothing such as sweaters and coats, as well as blankets and other consumer products. Their horns are also used in a variety of industries, most commonly walking sticks.

While there are many external benefits of goats, it has become increasingly popular for goats to assist in mental health. Ranging from goat yoga to general mental health companions, goats have been proven to increase dopamine. Dopamine is the "happy hormone" that your brain releases, leading to improved mental health. Goat yoga is also beneficial because while releasing dopamine during your session, the strength and relaxation from yoga combines to create an alleviating experience.

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