Outdoor Gaming

As Fall approaches and the weather cools down, there are many fun outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy. Guests at Happy Goat Retreat have a selection of games for you to play throughout your stay.

One enjoyable game we offer is Horseshoes—a fun and engaging classic lawn gametr. In the game of horseshoes, two players take turns throwing 2 horseshoes each at stakes placed 40 feet apart. The goal of the game is to get your horseshoe as close to the stake as possible, or even wrap around the stake. Generally, only the closest horseshoe scores a point. When an individual is able to wrap the horseshoe around the stake, they achieve a "ringer," and scores three points. Otherwise, the closest horseshoe is worth one point. Each complete set of throws makes up one "inning." An official game has 25 innings, but you can still have lots of fun playing as many innings as you like.

Cornhole is similar to washer toss and can be played with 2 or 4 players. Players will decide who goes first, then take turns throwing bags with your opponent, alternating who is throwing after each throw. Your feet may not go past the front edge of the board. If they do, a foul is called and you get pelted with cornhole bags. Also, a tossed bag may not touch the ground. If it hits the ground and bounces up on the board, players must remove it from the board before more bags are tossed and it doesn't count towards your score. If it's hanging off the board and touching the ground, remove that as well. When all 8 bags have been tossed to the other side, add up the score the player with most points in that single round will throw first in the next round. Scoring is simple. After all bags have been thrown, a bag remaining on the board is worth 1 point. A bag that went in the hole is worth 3 points. The player(s) with the most points wins the game.

Everyone has heard of Jenga, but did you know that there is a bigger version available called outdoor Jenga? The tumble tower set consists of 51 giant wooden blocks that are built into a tower. The goal of the game is the same: dismantle the tumble tower and rebuild it without losing any of the blocks or causing the tumble tower to topple over in the process. Any number of players can join in a game of tumble tower and it can also be played alone. The second object of the game is not only to avoid being the person to knock the tower over, but also to build the tower as high as possible. The tallest tumble tower on record made with Jenga blocks was forty levels high!

At Happy Goat Retreat we give you endless opportunities to come out and enjoy what we have to offer. We pride ourselves on exceptional service, and work to ensure that the needs of each guest are met through our many available amenities and accommodations. Have any questions about our retreat experience? Click here for more information about our cargo home options, and here to book your stay.