Goat Yoga and Meditation

Practicing yoga, regardless of your performance level, offers many physical and mental health benefits. If you're recovering from an illness, surgery, living with a chronic condition, or trying to improve your meditation and stress, yoga can become an integral part of your healing process.

This type of exercise helps many improve their strength, balance and flexibility through the three levels of yoga: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. At any level, practicers may add additional elements to their routine and meditation to enhance their abilities. One option is goat yoga and meditation.

Goats are social and interactive animals, making them ideal companions for activities such as yoga and meditation. Performing those activities with goats has shown improvements in mental and physical health. Due to their natural socialization skills, goats improve mental help through interactions while you perform each position. They also provide additional strength and balance training, as they sometimes will position themselves on your back or stomach while you practice.

Goat yoga is not a traditional yoga experience, but it is certainly one that will increase your mood levels and endorphins. They provide a happy distraction that cannot be ignored, allowing you to relax and deter stressful thoughts.

While Happy Goat Retreat does not offer goat yoga classes, we do have a pygmy goat play area, allowing you to interact with our goats. Whether you wish to cuddle and pet or practice meditation with them, our affectionate, furry friends will welcome you! Afterward, feel free to make a splash in our custom-built luxury pool or enjoy walking around the site. We also have two ponds on the property with swings, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature while enhancing your relaxation experience. Our Bijou home allows guests to enjoy its rooftop deck, promoting tranquility as you can enjoy the sunrise, sunset and everything in between.

At Happy Goat Retreat, we give you endless opportunities to come out and enjoy what we have to offer. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and work to ensure that the needs of each guest are met through our many available amenities and accommodations. Have any questions about our retreat experience? Click here for more information about our cargo-home options, and here to book your stay.